Pondless Waterfall

At the Iverson’s we were faced with a challenge of the grade sloping back toward the home.  When it rained the run off would track down the drive way across a dry stream bed.  Also, people had a hard time approaching the front door when they visited because the driveway was so steep.  We decided to turn the dry stream bed into a pondless water feature transforming a weedy patch of rocks into a beautiful landscape feature.  A bridge transports visitors across the babbling brook to the front entrance.

To tackle the steep hill in front we created a nice pathway of pavers that meanders down the hill to the bridge.  There are some nice planting beds that compliment the steps and water feature.  Overall these improvements have undoubtedly improved the properties access as well as the value.

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Western Nursery and Landscape Association

Blue Creek Wetland

I attended the Western Sunday through Tuesday of this week. “The Western” is an annual convention/tradeshow that has taken place for 118 years. Landscape contractors, nurseries, and retailers from all over the midwest attend this event to stay up to date on the latest trends in the industry and to improve their trade skills. There we several excellent speakers again at “The Western” this year. Here is a list of the speakers and the materials they presented on.

Quality landscape companies set aside time to attend this convention to make sure they are offering the most up to date and best practices to their clients. Ask your landscape designer if they attended “The Western”?

One very interesting presentation was focused upon building landscapes that are eco-friendly. It is important in this day and Read the rest of this entry »