Six ponds for the price of One!

I recently met a guy from Canada who tells wonderful pond stories. His name is Bill Vernon and he was talking about what he
called the six ponds in one.
Now I’ve been in and around the water gardening business for a while now, and I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about. So I asked him to explain.

Bill Explains the first Four

A Nice WaterfallHe basically said that every pond he’d ever seen has had six distinct personalities, including a spring personality, a summer personality, a fall personality, and a winter personality.

“You see the pond is a living and breathing entity,” Bill said, “and it changes right along with the weather and the seasons. Just go ahead and tell me that the spring pond is the same as the summer pond, and the fall pond is the same as the winter pond” Bill challenged. “They’re all different and unique in and of themselves.” Ok, I thought to myself, now I understand four of the six ponds he was talking about, and I couldn’t help but agree with him that all four were unique and different from all the others. But that left two more ponds unexplained, and so
I asked Bill to fill in these other two blanks so I could fully understand where he was coming from.

Bill Explains Two More

Without hesitation Bill continued, “Well, there is also the day time pond and the night time pond, right?”A Cold Winters Night I shook my head in agreement as he continued to explain the magic of the daytime pond, with the sun glistening off the water’s surface, the colorful Koi darting around below, all surrounded by lush green and colorful plants. The daytime pond certainly has magical qualities to it. Then Bill contrasted the daytime pond with the romance of the nighttime pond, underwater lights turning the entire aquatic ecosystem into a transparent liquid world that’s for all practical purposes, invisible during the day. “Do you know anyone who can resist the seduction of the night time pond?” Bill asked. I had to shake my head in agreement once again. I knew nobody who was less than spellbound by a pond at night.

Then I Discovered Bill’s Fuzzy Math

But then I started to question Bill’s math. To use an overused political phrase, I thought it was a little fuzzy. I mean if there were four different pond personalities that corresponded with each new season, that’s four, right? And if each one of these have a night time and a day time edition, that’s two times four or eight different ponds, am I right on this Bill. He looked like a deer who’d just been caught in the headlights as he scratched his head in thought and finally said “hmmmmm. I never thought of it like that before. I’d say that you’re right. I’m changing my story to eight ponds in one from now on. That way you’re getting
more for your money…right?” Right I said. Is it any wonder why Bill Vernon sells lots of ponds?